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BoGimme Music Academy

Learning, To Play As Your Heart Desires 

Learning is easier than ever with Bogimme Productions. Users can customize the learning process based on their own needs and level of expertise. Our goal is to make it simple and convenient for users to acquire new skills, wherever they are. In a fast-paced world that’s constantly changing, it’s time for you to take learning into your own hands.



Knowledge for Every Level


In person Class

We offer hands on 1 on 1 training in 30 minutes and 1 hour slots from 10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. 


Virtual Course

Here at the BoGimme Music Academy we also offer virtual lessons for those who may not be able to attend in person. With our virtual lessons you will still be able to learn and interact with the instructor in real time.

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Our Story

An Engaging Learning Resource

Our website was founded with one goal in mind: providing people from all walks of life with an affordable, user-friendly music learning platform. Our innovative lessons and tutorials give our users the opportunity to expand their horizons and learn new music-related skills - all from the comfort of our learning center or on their own device. Schedule your lesson today and let the music magic begin!

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Go at Your Own Pace

Make the Most of Your Time

Achieve Personal Goals

A Lasting Impact

Improve Performance

Practice Makes Perfect


311 Hwy 82E Building 29 Indianola, Sunflower County 38751


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